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Sarees - The never dying charm since eternity!

I'd read somewhere that Indian males find saree probably the most most sexy outfit.  Generally, barring a couple of states, saree is much like the “universal” outfit of ladies throughout India, something similar to “world famous only in India.”  Although, saree is regarded as a really traditional type of dressing, many believe that the “midriff exposure” the saree provides makes women even more attractive and appealing.  You need to see Raja Ravi Varma’s works of art to think how beautiful a lady look inside a saree.  But, putting on a saree is sort of a huge Huge job for me and also to make it off is a lot more painful.  I've had distressing encounters whenever I used a saree, for instance….err…..after i needed to get “married” and the other time after i tripped lower the steps and hurt my back.  Later, the whole saree came off, but fortunately, there have been only women around who chuckled their heart out inside my expense.  Regardless of my conflict with sarees, I've a number of of these because one cannot demean the significance and price of sarees.  If there's an essential occasion much like your own wedding or perhaps your sister’s/brother’s/best friend’s wedding and also the numerous festivals and processes in the household, saree is the type of attire everybody would require that you maintain.  So, my wardrobe too has its own share of silk sarees and sequined sarees which i drape myself in, on such occasions.  I've limited understanding about fabric and texture, but I must present whatever I understand and some sarees from my wardrobe which have been acquired by me Simply to be worn on certain occasions.

So, here are some of my favorites that I would like to own:

1.  Who has not lusted after a Satya Paul saree……

Satya Paul saree

2.  Crepe sarees have that old-world charm……reminds me of yesteryears heroines…..

Crepe sarees

3.  Nothing more appealing than a sheer black see-through saree.

black see-through saree

4.  We all know how Mandira Bedi’s sphagetti and sarees caused a stir during those cricket matches.

Mandira Bedi’s sphagetti

5.  Georgette saree.

Georgette saree

6.  My mom is a huge fan of Bengali cotton sarees, very graceful and elegant.

Bengali cotton sarees

7.  Sheer sarees in pastel colors……never goes out of fashion….

Sheer sarees in pastel colors

8.  A simple but lovely chiffon sarees.

chiffon saree

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