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The Hundred-Proof Indian Bride

Being one of the global leaders in preserving culture and passing it on to the succeeding generations in the form of heritage and inheritance over all other worldly and materialistic possessions, we Indians have quite frequently left the world in the awe our natural tendency to stick to our own cultures in the most splendid of manners possible.


Rightly so, when it comes to weddings, where is all matters the most, we do each and everything within our capabilities and beyond to make it match with our ancestral and cultural standards. That being said, the tales of the elegance and the charm of an Indian bride is some class to be reckoned with.



An Indian bride, on her wedding day, looks the way as if the angels from the heavenly abode themselves came down and dressed her with ultimacy in precision and perfection. Everything, right from her head to toe, has to be in the very best shape and form possible. 


Which is why, we at ‘Ananya Fashion House’, have crated our exclusive ‘Bridal Wear’ in the Indian Ethnic segment and that is something we are more than happy to provide to our beloved customers worldwide. Each and every piece of clothing that we manufacture, involves a significant amount of ‘hand-interpretation’ by our traditionally skilled embroiders.


Try a piece from us and we assure you of the formation of a life-long bond that will exist between us thereafter.

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