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How to Keep your Costume Jewellery in Perfect Condition

Costume jewellery is women’s best friend and they can lose anything to keep it protective and in good condition. More and more women in India are very conscious for their costume jewellery and there is no two thought in it. There are several pattern of costume jewellery such as cuff bracelet, ring, and necklace and so on.

Women keep their costume jewellery at the safest place of their home in order to keep it safe from traces and from other damages.

Know more how to keep your costume jewellery away from discoloration. Check some simple guides:

Use your costume jewellery in occasion

Heavy costume jewellery should be worn occasionally. They are not designed to wear it on daily basis as they are more likely to damage if you are in carefree condition at your home. This stunning costume jewellery looks good in occasion but at the same time when you wear it in your home it becomes source of discomfort and keeps you restless.

Keep proper kit for costume jewellery

Costume jewellery kit can be anything such as pouch, boxes, inside the cotton and clothes also. It keeps your jewellery in perfect condition. Your costume jewellery like pendant, bangles, earrings and rings will remain break-free for long. They will be as dazzling and sparkling as ever. One thing more you should take care of that, each precious jewellery should be individually kept inside and it should not be in contact with each other so it will not prone to corrosion.

Try to keep your costume jewellery clean and dry

Keep your precious jewellery clean and dry to enlarge its life. Make sure that your jewellery is not in contact with cream, foundation or other harsh chemical to sustain its beauty and also it can make it dull or colorless. Preventing your jewellery from different sufferings will make you the long time user of it.

Coating your costume jewellery with nail polish

Harsh chemical is not good for your costume jewellery but the use of nail polish give life to your jewellery. Whether you have jewellery of silver, gold plated, bronze, copper or any other metals, you can use nail polish inside the jewellery to protect them from any hazards.

After using your costume jewellery clean it minutely

It is tough to maintain the jewellery or to clean it after every use. But if you will be little attentive about your different jewellery then you can use it for longer time. Cleaning them is quite easy as I am not recommending you to go for chemical cleaner. In fact, you just need to wipe it off with clean soft cloth once you use it.

I hope that now you will be more careful for your costume jewellery as you know the better idea to keep it out of danger. Handling it potentially is not tough task more than your love for it so pamper your jewellery for its longevity. Store these ideas to keep your costume jewellery safe, clean, fresh and glittery as ever.

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