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Has it ever happened to you that you have to wear a saree for an occasion, and you feel so clumsy and uncomfortable in it, that you decide to just sit in once corner and not move?

This usually happens, when you’re not used to wearing sarees that often and carrying one seems like an uphill task.

Here are a few ways, in which you can make your experience with wearing a saree more comfortable:

If your saree is not very sheer, skip the petticoat. Try wearing matching leggings under your saree. It will make walking around seem like a cakewalk

In case your saree is very heavy, instead of leaving the entire pallu open, pin it up in layers with your blouse, so as to reduce the heaviness from your saree

If you’re worried that your pleats might just open or fall off, pin them up altogether along with your saree and petticoat. They won’t move even you dance now!

Always make sure, that you use pins at places where they can be hidden. Wear them inside out, so they can be concealed under your saree/ blouse

Wear your heels before you start wearing a saree. This way you’d be aware of what length you should keep at the bottom. If wearing saree with heels, is a bit difficult for you then go for designer pumps to get the best ethnic look.

Carry a clutch or ideally nothing in your hand. Keep your hands free of any bags, clutches for the saree in itself is a heavy and full-time job

If you keep these pointers in mind while wearing a saree, most of your worries will be taken care of. These are small but very essential things to understand when carrying a cloth as sensuous as a saree.

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