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Tricks to Look Stunning in a Saree

It is well known that a saree brings out the beauty in any woman, and the best part is that sarees are ideal for every occasion such as a party, wedding or any other function for that matter. If you select the right saree you will not only be able to hide your bodily flaws, but it will also enhance your beauty, making you look like a diva. Finding the right saree will also enrich your personality and boost your confidence. Not only the saree but also its features like saree border can also add to your looks. The Internet also allows you these days to buy saree online at cost effective prices. However, you need to look for the right saree to look your best at any occasion.

The Saree Border:
Of the popular saree choices for wearing to any event includes silk border sarees and other exquisite bordered sarees in a wide color range. However, you have to take into consideration the following factors before you decide to purchase saree borders online:

Your saree’s border will play a key role in exuding your personality.

If your height is average or short, you should opt for a saree with a shorter broader or no border at all.

For tall women, a broad bordered saree is highly recommended.

Tricks for Draping a Saree:
It is extremely important to drape a saree properly as it will decide what you look like.

If proper care is not taken while draping a saree, you may end up looking strange, fat and short; on the other hand, a well-draped saree may give the illusion of a taller ad slimmer figure.

Moreover, untidy and clumsy draping may make you appear shabby and under-dressed for the occasion. Make sure that the pleats are tucked in neatly.

The Saree Fabric:

The fabric or material with which a saree is made is also instrumental in deciding your appearance.

Different fabrics suit different body types. For example, overweight women should avoid wearing stiff cotton sarees as they offer a heavy look, but slim women will look good in such a saree. Silk, chiffon or georgette or even Italian crape sarees look good on healthy or obese women.

Finally, you need to ensure that all the accessories including earrings, bags, bangles, clips, etc., match the saree you wear so that you don’t look odd and unfashionable.

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