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Hair and Makeup of Bollywood Stars of 1930's

Hair and Makeup of Bollywood Stars of 1930's

Basically stated the nineteen thirties were a thrilling time, nobody would trust me. Try considering a famous film from nineteen thirties, odds are unless of course you're a film aficionado, you'll draw an empty, but for the time being, believe me when I only say the nineteen thirties was a thrilling here we are at Indian cinema, bollywood particularly.  Within this post, I'll take a look at some hair, makeup and the latest fashions that go as far back to nineteen thirties movies, or at least prominent stars of those times.

Allow me to provide you with a brief background to nineteen thirties; it was well after The First World War, therefore the exchange of foreign goods would be a lot simpler than anybody would ever guess.  India  was an english colony also so it made economic sense for the British to market items produced in Britain to all of us, in a higher cost obviously. Sound had arrived in India in 1931, Alam Ara was the very first talkie (heard this in many trivia questions). Our films were singing, speaking, dancing and seeking to help the freedom struggle reach every part of asia without entering into challenge with the censors. So fashion and beauty, though consistent with western trends around 5-ten years older, was attempting to be different and Indian. I was searching for a picture which was Indian though not backward, traditional , mystical. The movie industry had many solutions, here are a few of these, towards the eternal dilemma to find the right Indian lady. Zubeida starred in the first talkie and it was quite the legend.


Hair Makeup and Fashion Trends of Bollywood Actresses of 1930's


It was in 1930s that Indian films received their first action heroine, a swashbuckling adventure-loving, buxom woman, who went by the name of Fearless Nadia. Born Mary Ann Evans, I believe she was an Australian.  She was a big star in Hindi films which required minimal dialogue and a maximum of stunts.  She wore shorts, pants, with her shirt tucked in and a mask covering her eyes. She was often seen in masculine clothes, or at least unisex variety if those kind of clothes existed then.



She rocked a deep red lip as she carried out all the action, be it horse riding or jumping from trains.  Surprisingly, for a woman of her time, where everyone wore a very deep almost black lips with elan, she continued to wear the occasional nude lip and barely-there eyes, she must have been quite the fashion risk taker. She was the quintessential flapper girl, willing to dress a little masculine, yet having the courage to wear a deep red lipstick.


Devika Rani who starred in films like Achyut Kanya, a film that spoke of untouchability, was the perfect example of the look that could be said “signature 1930s India” (though this is closer to the 1920s western look).

Devika Rani Image 1


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